Faxon Elementary Robotics Fundraiser

Robotics “MajiBots” Helps Students in Thwake, Kenya Get More Water

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The MajiBots are the 5th grade robotics team at Faxon Elementary. Maji means water in Swahili. Thwake students live in Thwake Village a small village in Kenya and they need more water. We want to help the Thwake Village Partnership raise money to give the Thwake students and the village more water.

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Click here to see Faxon 6th graders water video

5th grade TitleThwake Village needs more water to grow vegetables in the greenhouse they will build. One of our robotics missions is to use the robot to bring water to a flower pot. Water makes the LEGO flower grow. Well water will help the Thwake Village grow vegetables in the same way.


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We care about the people in Thwake Village, Kenya in the same way we care about our families and friends. It’s important because other people are not putting a focus on it. Everyone needs water to survive.

In Kansas City we have enough water to support everyone, but not in Thwake Village, Kenya.When we talked to the Reverend Dr. David Nzioka who grew up in Thwake Village he told us about taking his donkey 2 miles to the river to get water.

Dr. Nzioka talking to 6th

That is why Rev. Nzioka formed the Thwake Village Partnership and raised money to put in a well in 2013. But, it is not enough. People are still going to the river and don’t have enough water.

Water from the river

That is why we want to help. Please go to Support Thwake page on this website and give money to help Thwake Village students and their families get more water.

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