Trip Stats

12 participants traveled to Kenya in June for the Thwake Village Partnership’s annual visit. Their visit included hosting a medical clinic, opening and dedicating the new Children’s Home, and donating books to the local primary and secondary schools in Thwake.

Trip Outcomes:

  • Medical Clinic: Over 700 people were seen in two days, many of whom traveled overnight to reach the clinic. Two healthcare professionals from the KC area joined with five additional doctors and pharmacists from Kenya to host this medical clinic. The clients served were well-respected, listened to, and met with loving hearts and hands.
  • Donating Books:  The Thwake Primary School and St. Barnabus Secondary School were grateful to receive a donation of books from TVP partners in Kansas City. The schools reported that after receiving the donation of books in 2015, students scored exponentially higher on their national exams and the overall ranking of the school improved as well.
  • Children’s Home: The dedication of the new Children’s Home took place on Sunday, June 5, and the twelve girls who had moved in the day before were all smiles at their new accommodations. We’ve received word that since they have been their, one of the girls is the #1 ranked student in her 4th grade class, and three other girls are ranked #1, #2, and #3 in their 5th grade classes. What great news!
The girls at the Children’s Home are all smiles!

Your support (with prayers, resources, finances, and otherwise) of the Thwake Village Partnership makes a real difference in the lives of our Kenyan brothers and sisters, and we are so grateful for it.

The mission of Thwake Village Partnership is to collaborate with the people of Thwake to provide the fundamental infrastructure, services and education that they need in order to survive and thrive. Please click here to see a video of our mission in action.

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