The Schools

In addition to the various aspects of development that Pastor Nzioka envisioned for Thwake, he also had a deep desire toPrimary School Classroom partner with other people and organizations who were also working hard to help Thwake have a bright future. One such partnership is with the school system. Although the Kenyan government builds the schools and hires their teachers and administrators, Pastor Nzioka desired a relationship where the Americans could serve as a support system for the current structure, supplementing any additional needs or pulling from their own resources to assist the schools with their missions. With this in mind, he stays in communication with the leaders of both the primary and the secondary school and uses any resources or connections he may have to help meet their expressed needs.

17. Secondary School Students singing 2011This partnership has resulted in many benefits for the community and especially for the school children. Through connections with various members of the Presbytery, Reverend David has been able to secure for the children books from Scholastic which, in addition to books provided from the government, have helped supplement students’ education. The schools have also been able to build additional desks with funds raised by members of David’s team after the secondary school expressed the need for more seating due to their large number of 6. Primary School Studentsstudents.

Through their connection with Pastor Nzioka, individual members of the Presbytery have also been faithful to send their own finances to the Thwake schools in order to help them finish various building projects. For example, the Thwake Secondary School had recently built an additional classroom, but lacked the funds to purchase windows. A few individuals of the Heartland Presbytery heard about this and sent some of their personal funds to the school in order to purchase the windows. They also reached out to the local Merriam/Shawnee Lion’s Club who donated both books and backpacks to the school children in 2013.

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